U.S. Government Contracts in Afghanistan

About this database

  • IRAP obtained the information in this database from the US government. It contains information about contracts that the US government had with local companies in Afghanistan.
  • This database may not contain every contract between the US government and companies in Afghanistan.
  • This database does not include contracts that were signed after August 2020.
  • IRAP’s guide here gives information on how to search for contracts.

How to find contracts

To find contracts that your company had, enter your company name in either of the following fields: “Contracting Agency/Company”, “Contract Prime Company”, “Contract Sub-Prime Company”, “Task Order Prime Company”, “Task-Order Sub-Prime Company” or “Company with Afghani LN”. Make sure that you spell your company’s name correctly. Try writing the company name in different ways. For example, if you worked for Fluor International, try searching just for “Fluor.”

If you want to limit results search by date, enter the year that you worked. You can do multiple searches for different years if you worked for more than one year.

Check the contracts that result. See if the dates that are listed overlap with the dates of your work. See if the contractor and subcontractor match up with the companies that you worked with. If you think that the contract might have been in place during your time of work, save the information for the contract for your COM application.